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Сообщения за Май, 2018
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Li Songsong, a youthful craftsman in the 70s, has been bmw houston  lately examining the connection between open pictures and their transposition onto canvas. In the move to painting these photos, which are primarily old photographs identified with recorded characters and actualities, he hasn't extended the intellectual style concerning some past craftsmen's routine with regards to censuring, uncovering, addressing, or ridiculing and propagandizing about a specific authentic period, yet has utilized a sort of symbolism ordering a goal approach. At the end of the day, in the utilization of the recorded picture material that intrigued him, Li Songsong hasn't made any apparently comprehended judgment of the chronicled esteem, unexpectedly it is simply from a visual perspective that must be detected the target, straightforward and coordinate energy of history as moved or transplanted onto canvas. 
This transposition isn&…